This pianist has given us much to savor and an appetite to hear more.   [more]

- Alan Becker, American Record Guide

I am captivated by the superb playing of Canadian pianist Joel Hastings. . . His command of dynamics and characterful performances make him worthy of considerable attention.    [more]

- Michael Cookson, Musicweb International

Hastings has always had a tornado-like technique and a virile tone, but in listening to the recordings, I was struck by the expressive nuance he pulls from music that others treat as vehicles for grandstanding.   [more]

- Mark Stryker, Detroit Free Press

Joel Hastings gives us very enveloping, vibrant renditions of the [Piano's 12 Sides]. . . . [He] plays these works as if he were born to them. He has just the right combination of touch and cool, yet impassioned power to make the performances truly characteristic.     [more] 

-  Grego Applegate EdwardsGapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Hastings is a thoughtful and intuitive pianist who brings out all the music's colour and nuance. Dynamics are beautifully judged and the warm, embraceable recording is most appealing.     [more]

- Dan Morgan, Musicweb International

Many of the pieces are quite stunning and superbly performed here by Hastings who must pull out a number of stops to both meet the technical demands and communicate this new musical voice.   [more]

- Steve Kennedy, Cinemusical

For the Canadian-born pianist it is an unqualified triumph. Clarity, even in the most complex passages, and that feeling that nothing would be too difficult for him, is captured in a recording of outstanding quality.     [more]

- David Denton, David's Review Corner

Hastings, with his expressive verve, is the winner of this work together with Pann.     [more]

- Ettore Garzia, Percorsi Musicali

Canadian Joel Hastings pulled his audience to their feet with a wild performance of Liszt’s Totentanz. 

- Yahlin Chang, Newsweek 

The kinetic fingers of this young Canadian reminded me strongly of his late countryman, Glenn Gould.   [more]

- John Ardoin, The Dallas Morning News

Cliburn Audience Fave”
Canadian-born, Michigan-based Joel Hastings emerged as one of the more interesting personalities at the [Van Cliburn] competition last summer.

- Wayne Lee Gay, Fort Worth Star Telegram

First-prize winner Hastings is a very exciting and confident performer and he brought a highly distinctive interpretation to the (Bach) Fantasia.

- The Washington Post

From the moment Mr. Hastings touched the keys of the piano, he displayed an exuberant technical prowess and physical intimacy with the piano. . . . Mr. Hastings confirmed the uniqueness of his playing and a rare mastery of the keyboard.

- John Bentel, United States Department of State

Hastings definitely falls into the category of world-class performer.     [more]

- Jeannette Luton-Faber, Ann Arbor Current Magazine

Hastings approaches all of this material . . . with a comfortable casualness, which removes much of the weighty intellectual angst and lets the glorious sound of the piano sing through.   [more]

- Murray Charters, Brantford Expositor

Hastings is a superhuman virtuoso with a massive sound and monumental technique. Hastings has extraordinary charisma that commands complete attention. But best of all, Hastings is a real musician, and his musicality makes an audience pay attention not to him but to the music he's playing.   [more]

- James Leonard, Ann Arbor Observer

Hastings’ nimble performance of the Liszt work had Saturday’s full house on its feet cheering.   [more]

- Ted Shaw, The Windsor Star

He delivered exquisite phrasing and wrung the full emotional potential from every note.   [more]

- Andrew Wagner-Chazalon, Huntsville Festival of the Arts

Hastings immediately demonstrated marvelous craftsmanship with great strength and dexterity.    [more]

Danny Gaisin, Oakville Today

We were left feeling this was a labour of love and, combined with a mastery of the keyboard which was more than adequate to the task, explains the wide audience appeal which this very fine pianist commands.   [more]

Marilyn Wiwcharuk, Kamloops News

All the beautiful phrasing, nuance and subtlety required for this music is here in abundance. . . . Hastings never allows his brilliant virtuosic technique to show itself for bravado; rather, the music itself is foremost in the mind of this artist. [more]

- Dennis E. Ferrara, From the Listening Room

Hastings thrilled the audience with his mastery of Chopin’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E minor. . . . It was simply beautiful and beautifully simple. At the conclusion, the capacity house, which had sat rapt, erupted in a standing ovation.

Thomas Langley-Smith, This Week

Hastings was born in Canada, but his musical soul seems to have come from the Russian steppes.    [more]

Laurence E. MacDonald, The Flint Journal

The fourth Scherzo by Chopin, a piece I have always found elusive, was played with great elan with the appropriate breathtaking passagework. . . The performance was outstanding for its tonal control and virtuosity.    [more] 

Anthony Kooiker, The Holland Sentinal